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Join our Team! 

We are very appreciative of our many volunteers that are involved with Seniors Art Programs and many aspects of the MAC.  We are also looking for individuals with experience in the following areas, to serve either on the OCAC Board, or on one of the Board’s volunteer committees:

Public Relations 

  • Profile the OCAC through the development and implementation of a vibrant and creative marketing and advertising strategy


  • Secure funding for the OCAC through the development and implementation of a dynamic fundraising, sponsorship and grant strategy

Community Networking

  • Further the mandate and strategic direction of the OCAC through relationship building with arts organizations, community partners and other stakeholders

Non-profit Board Governance

  • Ensure a strong board governance foundation through the development of board policies and practices, human resource management, and Societies Act compliance.

If you are interested in being part of the team, we would love to hear from you!

Call the OCAC Administration office at the MAC:  250-248-8185
or email [email protected]