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Oceanside Community Arts Council Strategic Plan 2015-2020

This is an outline of the strategic plan to which the Board of Directors of Oceanside Community Arts Council (OCAC) commits for the period 2015-2020.  The strategic plan evolved from the Board’s experience and from conclusions drawn from community research conducted by OCAC in 2014-15. The research engaged artists, local and regional residents, arts organizations, community and regional leaders and local government leaders through a combination of survey research and direct consultation.

Vision for Oceanside’s Arts Environment

Creative arts elevate and celebrate Oceanside’s culture and history

Vision for OCAC

OCAC is a driving force in positioning creative arts as central to quality of life in Oceanside

OCAC Mission

  • Collaborate
  • Communicate
  • Celebrate

Core Values

OCAC will execute this strategic plan with strong commitment and integrity, and in a manner that is:

  • Inclusive
  • Representative
  • Supportive
  • Creative
  • Accountable


OCAC recognizes the importance of collaboration with regional and community stakeholders, including:

  • Individuals committed to the value of the arts
  • Arts organizations
  • Community organizations and businesses
  • Organizations with regional focus
  • Government

Goals and Strategic Priorities

Goal 1: Lead through collaboration – bring focus to the arts

  • Create an Advisory Panel of arts organizations
  • Mobilize stakeholders to collaborate in regional initiatives and activities
  • Encourage local government and businesses to consider the arts in planning and development
  • Support arts organizations through workshops and seminars
  • Provide tools to develop and maintain organizational strength in the arts community

Goal 2: Showcase Oceanside as a vibrant artistic community

  • Execute a marketing strategy for the arts
  • Communicate what’s happening and where
  • Deliver and encourage major regional arts events and activities at venues throughout Oceanside
  • Replicate the success of the Oceanside Classical Concerts in other creative disciplines
  • Garner support for a high profile regional Centre for the Arts in Oceanside
  • Elevate the level of artistic achievement through educational programs

Goal 3: Engage the Oceanside community in the arts

  • Execute a regional strategy to raise awareness of the arts
  • Build strategic partnerships and alliances
  • Engage First Nations and other cultural communities

Goal 4: Sustain The MAC as one of Oceanside’s arts centres

  • Conduct a feasibility study to provide direction
  • Implement a suitable operating model
  • Clarify identity and branding for The MAC

Goal 5: Provide strong governance for OCAC

  • Clarify identity and branding for OCAC
  • Execute business and financial plans
  • Execute a human resources strategy including volunteers, staff and contractors
  • Execute a strategy to promote the value of membership

Oceanside Community Arts Council Board Members
(updated April 7, 2019)

Executive Officers
President, Tom Roy
Treasurer, Cam MacLean
Secretary, Vacant

David Douglas
Stuart Clark
Peter Humphries
Anne Collins